My Mobile Watchdog® Now Compatible with Windows(TM) Mobile Smart Phones


eAgency Systems, developer of My Mobile Watchdog®, the revolutionary child protection solution for monitoring and safeguarding kids' cell phone activity, announced certification for Windows Mobile 6, making it compatible with all Windows Mobile smart phones on the market today.

"Enabling My Mobile Watchdog® on all Windows Mobile smart phones will significantly expand protection to many more parents and children," said Robert Lotter, Chief Executive Officer of eAgency. "With cell phone use among 8-to-15 year-olds increasing rapidly, parents need to diligently monitor their kids' cell phone activities and protect them from predators, cyber bullies and other forms of harassment. All methods of communication available on the home PC are now available on cell phones, including email, photos and text messaging. Most parents are not aware that when you give a child a cell phone - it gives the world access to them."

My Mobile Watchdog® enables parents to create an authorized contact list for their kids through an easy-to-use, secure website. The new contact list automatically appears on the phone and any future changes made by the parents appear without ever needing to touch the child's cell phone. Thereafter, any communication occurring outside the authorized list, both inbound and outbound, triggers an automatic alert to the parents' phone(s) displaying the full message content. My Mobile Watchdog® maintains a perpetual log of kids' cell phone activities, allowing parents to monitor ongoing communications.

To learn more about My Mobile Watchdog®, visit the website at It contains additional resources for parents including a text message translator and blogs for sharing information and experiences with other parents.