My Mobile Watchdog® Presented by CEO Robert Lotter at the Rotary Club of Long Beach


On September 19, 2007, eAgency Systems CEO Robert Lotter presented the company’s child protection product RADAR to a meeting of the Rotary Club of Long Beach. The informative talk focused on the facts that parents need to know in order to keep today’s cyber-active children safe in a world of predators. The talk is part of Mr. Lotter’s personal campaign to raise community awareness to the alarming increase in the dangers posed to children through cell phone use.

“My Mobile Watchdog® is a part of the solution, but equally important is the involvement of parents in their children’s activities. Most parents are shocked to find what their children have access to just by using a cell phone. Children have to be protected from predators that use cellphones, text messages and email to look for victims,” says Mr. Lotter.

My Mobile Watchdog® enables parents to monitor and track their child’s cellphone activity. With My Mobile Watchdog® a parent will know when the child places or receives a call from an unauthorized number; sends or receives email from an unauthorized contact; or sends or receives a text or picture messages from an unauthorized contact. An alert is then generated notifying the parent and the content of these messages is stored.

“My Mobile Watchdog® is a tool to help parents make informed decisions about the way their children use cell phones,” says Mr. Lotter. “It lets parents teach their children how to use a cell phone responsibly. It also helps facilitate discussions about safe wireless activity.”

eAgency Systems is a maker of wireless software for a wide range of cell phones and the Internet. The development of My Mobile Watchdog® is the company’s way of using its expertise to give back to the community and protect children, and the company sponsors special programs for youth groups, law enforcement and church groups who want to implement child safety education. For more information, please visit