eAgency Mobile Security Launches My Mobile Watchdog® for Android Phones

Maker of the Award-Winning Application My Mobile Watchdog Expands on Android, the Fastest Growing Operating System


NEWPORT BEACH, CA – eAgency Mobile Security, developer of the My Mobile Watchdog® service, today announced the launch of My Mobile Watchdog on the Android platform. My Mobile Watchdog for Android expands the leadership of the best-known product for monitoring cell phone use, giving parents a solution for their children’s Android-based smartphones.

In a related corporate announcement, eAgency Mobile Security is also making a strong commitment to the mobile security market via three broad new categories: Personal Security, Enterprise Security, and Public Safety. It currently has several new products in various stages of development, and will be introducing those products throughout 2011.

"Mobile device security is one of the most critical needs in today’s digital world. Yet at the very time people are seeking help the most, industry consolidation is creating gaps in both technology and innovation,” said Bob Lotter, Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Our company’s steady advance in expertise, led by My Mobile Watchdog for Android, has put us in an ideal position to fill this unmet need."

Peace of Mind with Android Phones

As smartphones based on the Android operating system become increasingly popular for children and teens, My Mobile Watchdog for Android offers the same powerful yet non-intrusive protection found in its original My Mobile Watchdog product.

My Mobile Watchdog’s online management tools monitor inappropriate contact with a child’s mobile phone. The technology monitors a child’s inbound and outbound activity, immediately notifying parents if a child receives an unwanted or suspicious call, email, picture message or text message. Activities are logged and archived to the My Mobile Watchdog account, allowing parents to view, assess and take action on questionable contacts. Parents have access to the application management tool, giving them the ability to approve or block various applications like Facebook, Web browser, Twitter, games and the camera.

"We’re making a commitment to our valued customers to deliver the very best mobile security products possible,” added Nicholas Montes, President. “With the introduction of My Mobile Watchdog for Android, we’re also continuing to meet the changing nature of the mobile device market."

About eAgency Mobile Security

Established in 2001 in Newport Beach, California, eAgency Mobile Security (formerly eAgency) is a market leader in mobile security for consumers and businesses worldwide. Its applications enable parents, enterprises and law enforcement agencies to secure the safety and integrity of activity by mobile device users, and are employed by many in the U.S. and beyond. eAgency Mobile Security’s products, led by My Mobile Watchdog (www.mymobilewatchdog.com) have received national coverage on Dr. Phil, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. eAgency Mobile Security has multiple wireless patents pending for its innovations. Visit www.eagency.com.