My Mobile Watchdog® Presents $25,000 Donation to Jefferson County “District Attorney’s Community Partnership” Program


Powerful Child Protection Software Provides Hard Evidence Jefferson County, Colorado Investigators Need; 95% of Offenders Had No Known Prior Record, Five Enter Guilty Pleas

eAgency Mobile Solutions, developer of the My Mobile Watchdog® child safety service, announced today that CEO, Robert Lotter, presented a $25,000 donation to Jefferson County, Colorado Senior District Attorney Investigator, Mike Harris, and the District Attorney’s Community Partnership to further their Internet safety programs in local schools. These programs are designed to educate children and safeguard them from the tragic effects of online child sexual predators.

eAgency has provided its My Mobile Watchdog technology to Investigator Harris and Jefferson County DA Investigators, resulting in the arrest of 60 child predators. Investigator Harris specializes in crimes against children, including those that begin on the Internet. Many of these Internet crimes have now moved to the unmonitored environment of cell phones, paving the way for an epidemic of abuse and transmission of inappropriate materials.

My Mobile Watchdog® is a child safety product for cell phones which alerts parents to unauthorized activities or contact with strangers when they reach out to a child using email, text messages, pictures or phone calls. People tend to feel safe when they’re communicating over a cell phone in the privacy of their own home. This can lead to dangerous activities, particularly in younger children, things they wouldn’t normally do when meeting with people face to face.

A specialized version of the My Mobile Watchdog® technology designed for law enforcement, was provided to Jefferson County District Attorney investigators to track child predators using cell phones. Since cell phone communications are typically not stored anywhere, the data can be particularly difficult to capture and use for prosecution. With My Mobile Watchdog®, all communications between the investigator and the child predator are archived and maintain a chain of custody resulting in greater efficiencies in the collecting of evidence, apprehension and prosecution of criminals.

At a news conference in Golden Colorado on Wednesday February 11, Jefferson County District Attorney, Scott Storey, awarded Bob Lotter with a plaque acknowledging his contribution to law enforcement. Storey said, “Technology changes and evolves at a remarkable pace. My Mobile Watchdog® not only lets us keep up, it puts us ahead of the curve. It takes community support to make a difference. We appreciate the generous support of Bob Lotter and eAgency in our effort to keep kids safe online.”

“We are very pleased to be working with the District Attorney and Investigator Harris,” said Mr. Lotter. “Their leadership in the area of protecting children from predators is without rival and we look forward to partnering with them to bring our technology and their expertise to law enforcement agencies around the world.”

eAgency Mobile Solutions develops consumer based safety and productivity tools for cell phones. The company sponsors a variety of special programs for youth groups, law enforcement and church groups working in the community to promote child safety issues.