My Mobile Watchdog Child Mobile Phone Monitoring Service Adds Browser and Application Blocking


eAgency Gives Parents the Ability to Block Applications on Their Children's Phones

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – eAgency Mobile Solutions, developer of the My Mobile Watchdog child safety service, today announced the availability of Application and Browser Blocking, a powerful new feature for the service. Application and Browser Blocking, a free and automatic enhancement for new and existing My Mobile Watchdog users, enables parents to reliably control their child’s use of applications and Web sites from their wireless device—including social networking options such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and instant messaging applications.

Application and Browser Blocking is currently available for selected smartphones running My Mobile Watchdog. Parents are able to use their PC to block or unblock any application or Web browser installed on their child’s device in real time, as often as they wish. The parental Web interface is password protected to ensure that moms and dads maintain total control.

"Given the proliferation of mobile applications today, the need for parental supervision is increasingly important," said Robert Lotter, CEO of eAgency Mobile Solutions. "Kids consider their phones to be a 24/7 link to friends and the outside world... so it’s understandable that so many parents have asked for this feature."

My Mobile Watchdog’s Application and Browser Blocking feature can be set to allow use of the Internet, an application, or any combination of browser and applications, for a pre-set period of time. The feature is effective for controlling Web- and device-based games, location-based applications, e-commerce sites, or Websites in general. Using their My Mobile Watchdog Web Dashboard, parents can quickly see which applications and/or Web browsers are currently allowed or blocked, making access management easy.

Application and Browser Blocking is immediately available to all My Mobile Watchdog subscribers. eAgency plans to extend the Application to Android mobile devices and iPhones in the future.

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